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Äpy - Suomalaista muotoilua vuodesta 1948
Äpy 2007
Äpy 2007
Äåy 2007 - IvanaHelsinki
Äpy 2007 - staff
Äpy - visiting exhibition

Collection of the best Äpy products displayed at MoA Festival

Exhibition open 9.-14.5

Äpy press release 2007:

Äpy 2007 was produced in collaboration with top designers
- Finnish Design Äpy is predicted to become a design classic

Since the first issue that was published in 1948 Äpy has become the most beloved form of Finnish tech student culture: a humorous 
publication that appears in the streetscape every other year, just in time for May Day.

This year’s Äpy was introduced in Otaniemi, Espoo on Tuesday 24th of April, 2007. A big surprise was the new territorial conquest: the 
audience that was again expecting primitive humour and funny gadgets got this time to admire genuine Finnish top design.

The publication, dubbed Finnish Design Äpy and 27th in the series, was born during the spring 2007 in collaboration with the most noted 
design names in Finland. The promising work offer was accepted by IVANAhelsinki, CTRL Clothing and Artek.

“We wanted to find new ways in coming up with a May Day publication and also show an example on how to collaborate with professionals from different fields. Of course you can also see this as sort of a pilot  venture. That is, if you think about the much-discussed Finnish ‘Innovation University’ that is planned to be formed around Helsinki University of Technology, Helsinki School of Economics and University of Art and Design Helsinki”, editor-in-chief Jyrki Vanamo suggests with a smile.

Finnish Design Äpy offers its readers urban city culture with a   humorous twist in the form of a Helsinki travel guide, HILFE fashion magazine and a Finnish dictionary for travelers. Included are also five post cards and a map of Helsinki. The luxurious bundle comes packed in a handy cloth pouch that you can get in three different designs. The first two patterns are exclusively designed for Äpy by Paola Suhonen (IVANAhelsinki) and Tomi Freeman (CTRL Clothing). The third design is the classic “Siena” by the late Alvar Aalto (Artek) with a new magenta colour.

“You only see tech students once a year, on May Day. That’s when their humour is the best there is, at least according to them, and Helsinki becomes a big joke book. Asking CTRL to participate is probably some kind of a joke too, but we don’t mind - without tech students we wouldn’t have television, Internet, guns, fast food, beta VHS, resources, specifications, SIM cards or anything with the word ‘laser’ on it”, says designer Freeman.

“Tech students are like robots. The most interesting part is, though, whether the robot is good or bad. And I think that tech students are most absolutely good robots. That is why the theme and name of my design is The Good Robot”, Paola Suhonen explains.

“Äpy has come up with a joyful and fresh approach to our classic Siena pattern. Magenta easily makes your mood good and that’s something 
everyone can enjoy on May Day”, says the pleased CEO of Artek, Mirkku Kullberg.

Tech students sell Finnish Design Äpy in Helsinki and nearby areas between 24th of April and the 1st of May 2007. You can also buy the product at IVANAhelsinki store on Uudenmaankatu and Artek store on Eteläesplanadi, both in Helsinki. Äpy is also available for online purchase at http://kauppa.apy.fi.

In addition, between 9th and 14th of May 2007 Finnish Design Äpy is on display in the Master of Arts exhibition at University of Art and 
Design Helsinki.