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MoA07 Production

The MoA production team for the year 2007 is a mixture of young madness, enthusiasm, elation and the fire of creation - dreams, concretions, classicism, joy and diplomacy. The curator of MoA07, the lovely Katja Lindroos, is in charge of the fantastic content and memorable stories that make up the exhibition. Katri Winqvist (Sydväst, Polytechnic) is the Masters' confidant, a mentor and a source of information, Inari Virkkala (HUT), then, is a virtuoso of all things festive, unique in her ability to come up with fresh ideas. Also a member of the team, Marika Vanhatalo (TaiK) is the right hand of the architects and graphic artists and furthermore a great aid in setting the mood for the festival. Contributing to the polyphony, madness and bustle of the team is naturally the guardian spirit of the festival, Tuuli Sotamaa, who is responsible for the entire MoA production.

MoA07 Visual identity
The team behind the graphic identity for this year's Masters of Arts festival consists of TaiKs graphic design students Eero Astala, Otto Donner, Timo Ilola, and Mark Kuivanen. The team, instructed by graphic designer Aimo Katajamäki, has looked at everything from tsunamis to fish fingers for inspiration and created a rich world of visuals that comes streaming straight into visitors brain. This year the graphics team has also worked closely together with the exhibition architects to make the festival a complete experience for all the senses.


MoA07 Exhibition Architecture 

The exhibition architecture is designed in co-operation between the students of Spatial Design at the University of Art and Design Helsinki (TaiK) and the students of architecture at the University of Technology in Helsinki (TKK). The integration of powerful ideas presents grandeur not seen in MoA before. This is the blingest festival architecture ever! The work is supervised by architects SAFA Antti Ahlava and Jaakob Solla. The students are Olli Hanhirova (TKK), Anni Hapuoja (TKK), Timo Koskinen (TKK), Katharina Schmidt (TaiK), Seppo Tusa (TaiK), Iina Välilä (TaiK) and Tiina Rytkönen (TaiK). The exhibition architecture is intended to be an astonishing experience: The spaces remind of the dynamics of big waves. Concentrating and widening sequences intensify the show. The strong spatial identity of the festival architecture is created by the giant forms which as if flow from and towards one another.


MoA07 PR 

The Communications Services of the University of Art and Design Helsinki is responsible for the communications and marketing of the Masters of Arts Festival. The diligent communications team manages the press relations and business partnerships of the festival, produces informational and marketing material as well as content for the website and publishes the special MoA issue of Arttu! magazine. The members of this team are Director of Communications and Marketing Eliisa Anttila, Communications Analyst  Anna-Maija Aalto, Communications Officer Paula Haikarainen and Communications Manager Lotta Knuutinen in addition to Communications Trainees Antti Tiainen and Emma Sulkanen. "Small is beautiful, blue is lovely, the festival is breezy and water is our element" so goes the slogan of the team. 

Team Lume
MoA07 takes place in Media Centre Lume. The massive studios are transfered into exhibition space in the speed of light. Team Lume is behind the extreme make over. Pasi Pakula runs the construction team - from the first screw to the last wall to be painted. Ilkka Riihikallio and Tero Vesterinen are the wizards in what comes to event lighting and the soundscapes. They will find a solution to your AV-problem as well. Teemu Hammarén runs the Sampo Hall and takes care of the upper foyer. Juhani Kantola is in charge of all net connections and Lume IT-assistance. Samppa Murtomäki manages the whole production. He acts as a flight controller on an over crowded airport, taking care that MoA landing in Lume and all the other ongoing activities will not crash.




MoApeda is a study project of the Department of Art Education - its goal is expressed in the following thought: "Art belongs to everyone and MoA belongs to everyone at the University of Design and Art Helsinki". In the pilot project that took place in spring 2006 the team, among other things, designed and executed workshops and exhibition tours aimed at different audience groups. The development of different forms of co-operation continues at the upcoming MoA festival. The MoApeda team wants to see the festival as a place of learning and inspiration, a place that gives a platform for discussion and interaction between the makers of MoA, other University students and the consumers and receivers of visual culture, present and future. The core of the MoApeda team is made up of Elina Gyldén, Elina Virtanen, Lissu Lehtimaja, Lars-Peter Lampenius, Maria Impola, Elisa Laurila and Hanna Seppälä. Lector Marja Rastas is in charge of the project.



MoA Web

The quality of the MoA web pages is guaranteed by the Virtual University team (which is now part of opetus- ja opiskelijapalvelut) of the University of Art and Design, Helsinki. The team helps the departments and teachers of the university to carry out flexible teaching. In addition, it helps in planning web pages of events at the university. Visual designer Marco Suvanto and technical coordinator Joni Turunen have been working on the MoA web.