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University of Art and Design Helsinki
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Media Centre Lume
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Hämeentie 135

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University of Art and Design Helsinki


The University of Art and Design Helsinki is an international university dedicated to design, audiovisual communication, art education and art. It is the largest university of this kind in the Nordic countries and one of the most highly acclaimed in the whole world. There are some 1 700 students enrolled in the University, 14% of whom come from abroad. The University founded in 1871 is a pioneer in research and education. The uniqueness of the University stems from an ambitious community of creative people and creative will. Throughout its over 130 years of history, the University has been an integral part of the succeshe s story that is Finnish design. Today the University is actively engaged in the development of not only the cultural but also economic and industrial competitiveness of Finnish society. Close cooperation with the business sector promotes the introduction of innovations and the cross-disciplinary utilisation of research results.



Media Centre Lume



Lume is a national education, research, development and production centre of audiovisual media. Lume combines the disciplines of cinema, TV, digital media and production set design. The special focus areas of Lume are cross-media content production and practice-based research which serves the needs of the content.
      Media Centre Lume is part of the University of Art & Design Helsinki, but serves also other Universities, polytechnics, research institutions and companies. The Centre has extensive facilities for film, television, new media and theatrical productions. Moreover, facilities at Lume are also ideal for organising seminars, meetings, conferences, galas, festivals, or fairs. The education of the University, cultural and other projects along with research are combined in the Media Centre Lume.




Art & Design City, Helsinki Virtual Village, Arabianranta



The University of Art and Design Helsinki is located in Helsinki 's new project area called "Arabianranta". Arabianranta should soon be an inner city district with 10 000 residents, 8 000 workers and 6 000 students. It's the last free shoreline area in inner Helsinki.
      Design and art are a part of everyday life in Arabianranta. The City of Helsinki demands that 1-2 % of the construction costs for new buildings in the area are spent on works of art. Arabianranta has achieved its goal of being the leading centre of art and design excellence. The partners in this venture include businesses, the University of Art and Design Helsinki and 5 other educational institutions as well as residents of the area. The Helsinki Virtual Village portal and the fastest and most modern areal network in Finland are among the services Arabianranta has to offer for residents, companies and students. With focus in good design, the goal is to make Arabianranta prosper.




MoA 2007 collaborating institutions: 







Arcada polytechnic was established in the metropolitan region in 1996 and obtained permanent status by the Ministry of Education in 1998. According to the concession, our mission is to promote the Finland-Swedish language and culture and to take the needs of the young Finland-Swedish population into account.
      The polytechnic is maintained by the Arcada Foundation, which is assigned to embrace education in Swedish at a polytechnic level in Finland.
     Arcada is ECTS-certified since the spring 2004.



Pop & Jazz Conservatory



Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory was established in 1972. The 25-year-old school offers four-year degree programs in the Pop/Jazz Musician and Pop/Jazz Teacher departments and a three-year degree program in the Dance Musician Department.
      About 200 students are enrolled in vocational studies, which are subsidized by the Finnish government. Additionally, there are around 650 non-vocational students. The conservatory employs about 110 teachers, half of whom teach full time.
      In the fall of 1995, Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory moved to the current premises. The conservatory's new facilities include a 24-track recording studio and a 350-seat concert hall, which is also used for radio and television broadcasts. Annual music festivals in the spring and fall feature the conservatory's students and visiting musicians.






Helsinki Polytechnic was established in 1996 by merging eight existing institutions of higher education maintained by the City of Helsinki.
      The number of full-time students is 9 250 added by a number of students attending short and evening courses, open polytechnic teaching and customised teaching. In Stadia it is possible to study Nursing and Social Services in English language. All the other degree programmes are taught in Finnish language.
     Currently, more than 30 different degrees are available in Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia.
     The activities of Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia are situated in about 16 campuses in the city and the faculties run their programmes quite independently within the common frames, aims and regulations.