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Tuuli Sotamaa
Photo: Olli Karttunen


Susanna Majuri, Elsker fyr.
Photo: Susanna Majuri



Erika Kelter, Adoption




MoA07 Festival Producer, Tuuli Sotamaa: 


MoA07 – a small blue festival

The Masters of Arts Festival [MoA] is an extravaganza of visual culture. In its short history MoA has grown to proportions that were hardly conceivable in 2004. The Pinkest Culture Festival EVER! in 2005 foreshadowed the future. The young creators reached for the stars and in their dreams they attained their goal. MoA06 invited the other schools in Arabianranta to join the festival as partners. The programme grew from a degree show of the University of Art and Design Helsinki [TaiK] into a massive urban culture event. For the next spring MoA has again taken a step forward – it has opened its doors to neighbouring Estonia. MoA goes international and travels across the sea to team up with the Estonian Academy of Arts. MoA07 is a small blue festival.

The blue deep

Sea as a theme tells of the many-sidedness and heterogeneity of MoA, of currents, changes in intensity, unexpectedness and openness – it tells of the depth with which young visual culture can be confronted, experienced and seen.
      The visual identity of this spring’s MoA reflects the originality, differentiability, freshness and personality of the Masters graduating from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. Identity is like an ocean that is home to countless little details that come together to form a wholeness: the TaiK ocean.
     The exhibition architecture creates an unforeseen backdrop for close to hundred diploma works. Architecture is based on great movements and changes in intensitities, it invites the exhibition guest to plunge into the deep, into a fascinating world that exists beneath the surface.

Results from teamwork

The programme of the festival expands from previous years and the small blue festival may in fact be a completely new wave of culture. Constructing the programme and the external settings for MoA are Arcada Polytechnic, Helsinki Pop & Jazz Conservatory and Helsinki Polytechnic Stadia as well as the countless students of the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the young talents of the Department of Architecture at HUT - with the support of the experienced personnel of the schools, of course. Teamwork is the power that makes the festival reality!
     Festival events include numerous parties, clubs and special happenings. A new landmark will be erected in Arabianranta and we will, for instance, put the collaboration of the top universities to the test by means of celebration. In addition, a rowing competition will be organised in Vanhankaupunginlahti bay.

The face of dreams

The seminars that have made up the core of the festival programme return next spring with new excitement and energy. The series of six international seminars reflects the development of society and the meaning of creativity. The series opens windows to the future and puts the work of the young creators as well as the activity of the University in a greater context. The lecturers give a face and a personality to fulfilled dreams – they tell stories that the audience can freely enjoy. The themes of the seminars are architecture, the personalities of design, design journalism, creative innovation, the philosophy of creativity and business.

      MoA is a space of possibilities that will not reveal its final dimension until the doors open on May 9 2007. Welcome to the deep sea!