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Leila Kontkanen, Pekka Sivonen and Erkki Hakkala
First ever Arabianranta Creative Business Award to SysOpenDigia
In conjunction with the 10th birthday festivities of Arabianranta development company Art and Design City (ADC) Helsinki Oy, the first Arabianranta Creative Business Award was awarded as a part of the MoA07 Festival programme.

The administrative board of ADC Helsinki Oy decided to give the award to SysOpenDigia Oyj. The prize was a glass object designed by artist Kazushi Nakada that portrays Arabianranta as the birthplace of the creative industry. The birth history of the company was cited as the basis for the award. The predecessor of SysOpenDigia, Digia Oy, was founded in Arabianranta in 1997. Founded by Pekka Sivonen, the chairman of the board of SysopenDigia, Digia Oy started as a one-man business incubator and went through all the ups and downs of the creative industry that took place during the late 1990s and the early 2000s. Established in 2005 from the union of SysOpen and Digia, SysOpenDigia Oyj represents at its best the kind of success story that has been written in the field of creative industries along the years.

Footbalance System Oy and Fountain Park Oy were awarded with diplomas.

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