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Howard Smithin kahdeksan metalliteosta. Kuva: Tuula Isohanni
Howard Smith´s eight metallic pieces. Photo: Tuula Isohanni
Kaj Frankin katu is esplanade of works of art

Kaj Franckin katu is a verdant promenade that extends from the University of Art and Design Helsinki over the tram stop into the seaside. The official opening of the street organised by The Public Works Department of the City of Helsinki is celebrated in conjunction with the MoA Festival on Tuesday, May 22nd, at 1 p.m. The opening ceremonies continue on the street between 6 and 8 p.m. with music, art walks and the Saunabus.

Located on the street are Kaj Franck’s colleague’s, artist Howard Smith’s eight colourful metallic pieces of art that embellish the grass terrace that descends toward the seaside. In addition, at the start of the street is a space with blue tiled walls where one can examine a collection of designers’ autographs that tell the success story of the Arabia factory. Combined together, the works create a unified piece of environmental art comprised of different materials that makes for an interesting concretion of urban living and public space.