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Alf Rehn
Alf Rehn
Alf Rehn takes innovation discussion to new level
The seminar On the Hunt for Creativity and Innovation on May 24th helmed by Alf Rehn takes innovation discussion to new heights. A professor of innovation and entrepreneurship, Rehn is one of the most intriguing new names in corporate life.

Dubbed the enfant terrible of the academic world, Rehn combines comprehensive scientific analysis with a unique and innovative outlook on the world, introducing thus a new formula for entrepreneurship. With his challenging arguments like “brands are uninteresting” and “frivolity has to be taken seriously,” Rehn offers his audience a new way to look at market economy.

Entrepreneurship isn’t the same anymore. Come hear the Innovation seminar on Tuesday, May 24th at 3 p.m. in the Sampo Hall of Media Centre Lume. Registration for the seminar is available through the website .