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Photo: MoA 2006

Photo: Kitta Perttula

Photo: Kitta Perttula

Photo: Kitta Perttula


Kitta Perttula

Industrial and Strategic Design
1979, Finland
Sasa – sitting and picking accessory


A man had gone ice fishing. Once he had found the right spot, he drilled a hole in the ice, sat on his backpack’s seat and started fishing. Soon after he caught a little something. After a good while of ice fishing, he decided to head back home. Now his catch was the problem, for he had forgot to bring a plastic bag and his only means of transportation was his backpack. It was guaranteed to start smelling of fish and one couldn’t put a backpack with metal braces into the washing machine.
It must have irked him.
Next time he ought to take Sasa along.
The gist of the idea is in its multifunctionality. One can sit on Sasa and since it has an opening that is placed conveniently for the hands, one can store his catch right away and wash the plastic Sasa later with dish washing liquid.
Sasa can be used to: fix your car, gather mushrooms, pick berries, weed your garden, housework, children’s games, etc. The only limitation is imagination!
Even the ice fisherman recommends it: choose Sasa.


A person who answers to the name:
Kitta Perttula.
The first Finnish Master of European Design to graduate from the University of Art and Design Helsinki.
Which means she spent two years of her studies in industrial design as an exchange student,
first in Konstfack in Sweden,
then at Akademie Der Bildenden Künste in Stuttgart, Germany.
Learnt to know art already at the Pori Art School in 1999–2001.
Still loves music and used to play the violin and piano as a child.
Humour is the salt of life and sweets are its sugar.
Call her by her first name.


+358 40 727 9335

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