Did you think that fashion design is all about the changing lengths of pant legs and choosing between squares and stripes? That new media is nothing but flashing lights and blurry video screens? That only those born with golden spoons in their mouths can become millionaires? That all that the Brazilians can do is to mix caipirinhas and dance samba in sunset?

If this is the case, it is definitively time for you to catch the pink tram and come to Arabianranta, Helsinki! Starting May 11th, the Masters of Arts 2005 seminars shake the dust from old plaster busts. On top of fresh viewpoints to design, media, cinema and art, the seminars provide interesting comments on the vitality of the cities, creative economies and – we can promise you this – the future competitiveness of Finland. Meet the whipping cream of today´s visual culture, experts from architecture to new media, from Southern hemisphere to arctic circle.

The seminars are divided into three parts. The first group, Creative spaces, deals with the space and stage of the modern City. The second group, Creative Identities takes a look at the changing professional identities of designers, fashion designers and movie makers and asks what the future maker-identities are like and what challenges does the modern age impose on the new graduates. The third section, Creative Business, talks about business on its own terms.

"There is an immense flow of energy in the University of Art and Design Helsinki: knowledge, skills and creativity. The three-week festival has been organized to bring in these resources. The seminar themes deal with the development of the creative society. The topics touch – either directly or indirectly – the themes presented in the Masters exhibition. Many of the ideas have been initiated by the corridor discussions at the University, between different people, departments and working groups. The topics have also been reflected on other international seminars and they have gained strength in meetings with professionals of creative industries, architects, entrepreneurs and trend-setters” says Tuuli Sotamaa, the Festival Producer.

Creative spaces, Part I

11.5. Wednesday

10.00 The Language of Light -lecture by Vibege Mogensen / Louis Poulsen

The day brightens up with Vibege Mogensen´s highly visual lecture of the Language of Light at 10 a.m. Mogensen, an architect and a sought-after lecturer worldwide, approaches light from different perspectives, from the functional and emotional point of view. She provides the listeners with a brief introduction to the toolbox available when working with light and an understanding of how humans perceive light and spaces.

14.00 The City. The Architecture. The Future? -seminar
The seminar looks into the future and the role of architecture in the modern society driven by market and economical forces. It takes a critical but also an optimistic viewpoint towards the possibilities that global change sets for the social development. It also addresses the redefinitions of urban spaces and meanings.
Seminar language is English.
Presented by Louis Poulsen

Moderators: Esa Laaksonen & Ami Hasan

14.00 Yrjö Sotamaa - Opening of the seminar
14.15 Mark Goulthorpe / dECOi
15.15 Mark Isitt / Forum Magazine
15.40 Break
16.10 Bjarke Ingels / PLOT
16.45 Hannu I. Miettinen / SRV Viitoset
17.15 Mark Goulthorpe, Bjarke Ingels & Jarmo Suominen in conversation
17.45 Closing of the Seminar

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Identities, Part I

12.5. Thursday

14.00 The Design Forces -seminar

The superstars and other design professionals reveal where they find the attitude and enthusiasm to realize their visions. Present are the Campana Brothers, Timo Salli & Ilkka Suppanen & Ilkka Terho - the men behind the Snowcrash, Fredrik Magnusson, Christopher Mount, Jeremiah Tesolin.
Seminar language is English.
Presented by iittala

Moderator: Katja Lindroos

14.00 Opening of the seminar
14.15 Campana Brothers
15.15 Ilkka Suppanen, Timo Salli, Ilkka Terho
15.45 Break
16.15 Jeremiah Tesolin / 30ForSale
16.40 Fredrik Magnusson / Propeller
17.30 Break
18.00 Christopher Mount

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Identities, Part II

13.5 Friday

11.00 The Auteur in the 21st Century Cinema –seminar

A lucky day at Arabianranta: It’s time to relax and indulge in the art of cinema. At 11.00 a.m. discussing PV Lehtinen, Lauri Nurkse and Pia Andell. At 2.00 p.m. Jean-Pierre Gorin and Peter von Bagh discuss the film directors’ professional identity from Scorcese to Godard, Kaurismäki and future auteurs. At 4.00 p.m. film review: Gorin´s Poto and Cabengo.
Seminar languages are Finnish and English.

Moderators: Peter von Bagh & Pia Andell

11.00 PV Lehtinen / The Crawl
12.00 Lauri Nurkse / Swingers
14.00 Jean-Pierre Gorin & Peter von Bagh
16.00 Poto and Cabengo – film by Jean-Pierre Gorin

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Spaces, Part II

16.5. Monday

14.00 City as a Visual Entity -seminar

How do people perceive the city in the chaos of urban visual signals? The Creative Spaces seminar does not separate environmental art from creative campuses or advertising from lighting of an urban environment. Meet Elukka Eskelinen and Tapio Vapaasalo with Arnold Aronson, Ellen Harvey, Eva Nyman, Matti Remes, Göte Nyman and others.
Seminar languages are Finnish and English.

Moderators: Elukka Eskelinen & Tapio Vapaasalo

14.00 Opening of the Seminar
14.15 Arnold Aronson
14.45 Ellen Harvey
15.15 Vesa Honkonen
15.45 Break
16.15 Alright Love
16.25 Göte Nyman
16.40 Tommi Laiho
17.00 Panel discussion: Eva Nyman, Göte Nyman, Matti Remes, Vesa Honkonen, Samuli Valkama
18.00 Closing of the Seminar

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Identities, Part II

17.5. Tuesday

11.00 Fashion, Design and Ethics –seminar
Is fashion design? Can ethical be trendy? The dissidents of the fashion business tell how a designer can realize her own conviction. Meet Paola Suhonen and Pirjo Suhonen, Mirkku Kullberg, Anne Linnonmaa, Arni Aromaa and Globe Hope. Seminar languages are Finnish and English.

Moderator: Pirjo Suhonen

11.00 Opening of the seminar
11.05 Pirjo & Paola Suhonen
11.45 Daniel Freitag
12.15 Break
12.50 Arni Aromaa
13.00 Mirkku Kullberg
13.10 Anne Linnonmaa
13.30 Panel discussion: Arni Aromaa, Anne Linnonmaa, Mirkku Kullberg, Globe Hope & Daniel Freitag

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Business, Part I

19.5. Thursday

14.00 Business, only for brave ones? -seminar
If you want to run a successful business you need faith, will and creative solutions. Anything else? Antti Piippo, Sissi Silván, Juha Vaurio, Ville Ailio and Pekka Viljakainen, among others, have promised to tell us the rest of the story in a Creative Business -seminar.
The seminar will be held in Finnish.
Presented by Image Kustannus/Bisnes.fi

Moderators: Ville Ailio and Taru From.

14.00 Yrjö Sotamaa – Opening of the seminar
14.15 Juha Vaurio
14.30 Antti Piippo
14:45 Sissi Silván
15.00 Pekka Viljakainen
15.20 Break
15.50 Panel discussion

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Spaces, Part III

25.5. Wednesday

14.00 The Future Communities and Digital Media –seminar
How does the development of digital media influence on forming the communities? What is the future creative campus like? In a Creative Spaces -seminar discussing e.g. John Thackara, Ulrika Karlsson & Tobi Schneidler, Pekka Himanen and Alex Nieminen.
Seminar language is English.
Presented by Arabianrannan Portaali Business Park

Moderator: Alex Nieminen

14.00 Opening of the seminar
14.15 Pekka Himanen
14.50 Jonna Kangasoja & Kari Raina
15.15 Break
15.45 Ulrika Karlsson & Tobi Schneidler
16.15 John Thackara
17.45 John Thackara & Pekka Himanen
18.00 Closing of the seminar

More info about the speakers here.


Creative Business, Part II

26.5. Thursday

14.00 Creativity, Innovation and Business –seminar
Techno-Finland needs energy from design-Finland: how do you make the connection? A Creative Business –seminar with Raoul Grünstein, Pekka Viljakainen, Mika Pantzar, Tanja Kotro, Charles Leadbeater and Krister Ahlström.
Seminar languages are Finnish and English.
Presented by TietoEnator Digital Innovations

Moderator: Raoul Grünstein

14.00 Raoul Grünstein – Opening of the seminar
14.15 Pekka Viljakainen
14.45 Mika Pantzar and Tanja Kotro
15.15 Break
15.45 Krister Ahlström
16.15 Charles Leadbeater
17.00 Charles Leadbeater, Krister Ahlström & Pekka Viljakainen
17.30 End of the seminar

More info about the speakers here.


All seminars and lectures are free of charge, please sign up beforehand.

All events at the Media Centre Lume, University of Art and Design Helsinki.
Address: Hämeentie 135 C, Arabianranta, 00560 Helsinki.