The Masters of Arts exhibition presents almost 70 new Masters from the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The exhibition, at Media Centre Lume is open on weekdays 10-20, weekends 12-17. Free entrance. Welcome!

Seminars in Pink Smoke

Starting May 11th, the Masters of Arts 2005 seminars shake the dust from old plaster busts. On top of fresh viewpoints to design, media, cinema and art, the seminars provide interesting comments on the vitality of the cities, creative economies and – we can promise you this – the future competitiveness of Finland.

Free entrance to the exhibition, seminars and lectures.
For seminars: please sign up beforehand from the Seminars-page.

Pink festival tram

The pink festival tram operates from 9th until 27th of May.

During the Master of Arts 2005 festival you can get to University of Art and Design Helsinki from the city centre with the pink festival tram. The tram operates on the line 6, every day from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. The final stops of the line 6 are in Hietalahti and Arabia.

What’s going on?

10.5. Tuesday
Opening of the festival at Media Centre Lume, University of Art and Design Helsinki

11.5. Wednesday
10.00 The Language of Light. Lecture by Vibege Mogensen.
The morning brightens up with Vibeke Mogensen´s highly visual lecture. Mogensen approaches light from different perspectives, from the functional and emotional point of view. She provides the listeners with a brief introduction to the toolbox available when working with light and an understanding of how humans perceive light and spaces.
14.00 The City. The Architecture. The Future? – seminar.
Discussions with Mark Isitt, Mark Goulthorpe, Bjarke Ingels, Jarmo Suominen, Hannu I. Miettinen and Esa Laaksonen.
18.00 Opening of the exhibition section Lives. Cake and performances! Come and enjoy!

12.5. Thursday
14.00 Seminar: The Design Forces
Meet Humberto and Fernando Campana, Fredrik Magnusson, Christopher Mount, Jeremiah Tesolin as well as the men behind the Snowcrash - Ilkka Suppanen, Timo Salli and Ilkka Terho
18.00 Opening of the exhibition section Images. The White Cube explodes!

13.5. Friday
11.00 Seminar: The Auteur in the 21st Century Cinema .
Discussions with PV Lehtinen, Lauri Nurkse and Pia Andell.
14.00 Scorcese, Godard and Kaurismäki. Lecture by Jean-Pierre Gorin. Host: Peter von Bagh.
16.00 Poto and Cabengo. Film by Jean-Pierre Gorin.

Media Lab’s Spring Demo Day, the greatest opportunity to learn what has been
going on at the Media Lab during this academic year.

16.5. Monday
14.00 Seminar: City as a Visual Entity.
Discussions with Elukka Eskelinen, Tapio Vapaasalo, Arnold Aronson, Ellen Harvey, Eva Nyman, Matti Remes and Göte Nyman.
18.00 Opening of the exhibition section Worlds. Adventures and explorations…

17.5. Tuesday
11.00 Seminar Fashion, Design and Ethics.
Meet Pirjo and Paola Suhonen, Mirkku Kullberg, Arni Aromaa, Anne Linnonmaa and Globe Hope.
18.00 The exhibition section Times opens like a walk into the sunset.

18.5. Wednesday
19.00 Wonderful is Beautiful. Fashion Show. Tickets 6/10€
21.00 Wonderful is Beautiful. Fashion Show. Tickets 6/10€

The annual fashion show of the University of Art and Design Helsinki Wonderful is Beautiful proudly presents latest designs from the students of the Fashion and Clothing Design.
Tickets in advance from Beamhill, Design Forum Finland, Kipsari (at University of Art and Design Helsinki)

19.5. Thursday
14.00 Business, only for brave ones?
The seminar asks, what do you need if you want to run a succesful business. Faith, will and creative solutions? What else? Answering to the questions are Antti Piippo, Sissi Silván, Juha Vaurio, Pekka Viljakainen and Ville Ailio.

Opening of the Glam & Glory Exhibition (at Arabiakeskus)

20.5. Friday
13.00 Graduation ceremony at the University of Art and Design Helsinki

25.5. Wednesday
14.00 Seminar: Future Communities and Digital Media
Discussions with John Thackara, Ulrika Karlsson, Tobi Schneidler, Alex Nieminen and Pekka Himanen.
18.00 Opening of the exhibition section Wires. The opening will involve laboratory environment with some good old conspiracy and paranoia.

26.5. Thursday
14.00 Seminar: Creativity, Innovation, Business.
Meet Raoul Grünstein, Pekka Viljakainen, Mika Pantzar, Tanja Kotro and Krister Ahlström
18.00 Opening of the exhibition section Colors. There work will be theatre and every business a stage.

All events at the Media Centre Lume, University of Art and Design Helsinki, Arabianranta. Address: Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki