Masters of Arts 2006

University of Art and Design Helsinki will arrange the Masters of Arts Exhibition also next year. The Degree Show will take place at Media Centre Lume. The exhibition will be held May 2006.

“The University's responsibility for its students does not stop with the solemn conferral of a degree certificate by the Rector and the clink of champagne glasses. Instead it marks the start of a new collaborative relationship to build a career for the fresh graduate. The benefits of education are measured by career success. Successful alumni are the best indication that our University has fulfilled its task,” says Rector Yrjö Sotamaa.

“The Masters of Arts degree show is organised with the students in mind, to give them a good start in their professional career. It aims to showcase the talent, ideas, ambitions and skills of the new Masters of Arts. Also showcased is the creative thinking and critical attitude fostered by education, which are the principal goals of instruction at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. The show offers a chance to enjoy the fruits of long co-operation. And at the same time we can congratulate all new Masters of Arts.

Masters of Arts Festival creates a multifaceted forum for the dialogue between the University and society at large. It plays a part in establishing the co-operation that is so important to the University and students alike, and helps to channel the expertise created in the University in ways that benefit both the students and society. Degree shows are important recruitment events in many countries.

The third purpose of the show is to assess the results and achievements of the University and to answer the crucial question: how has the University succeeded in the task entrusted to it? To illustrate this, the show includes a series of seminars that explain and assess the exhibited works and also serve to put the University's work in a broader international frame. What, in the field of art and design, is the position of the University of Art and Design Helsinki and the Masters of Arts it has trained?

Growing Demands, Diversifying Assessment

The assessment of universities has become a very detailed business all over the world. Results are measured in other ways than just assessing the quality of diploma projects in degree shows. Because universities have become an increasingly critical success factor for society, those who foot the bill – taxpayers, sponsors, the state – want to ensure that they operate efficiently and that their investment yields the results universities are expected to produce.

Assessment has traditionally focused on quantitative matters and the efficiency of operation. But assessment has become more diverse in recent years. It is pleasant to note that the quality of operations – the most important result for students and staff alike – has gained new weight in assessments. Effectiveness has also come to be included in university assessment in a positive way. Universities are perceived as a prestige factor, and it is hoped that the expertise they create will promote the development of the university's own operative environment.”

Professor Yrjö Sotamaa
Rector of the University of Art and Design Helsinki


Top thinkers in MOA this week!

Do you know who said this: “If you put smart technology into a pointless product, the result will be a stupid product".

If you don’t, you definitively must come to the Future Communities and Digital Media Seminar on Wednesday, May 25th. You will meet one of the best-known design scholars of our times. And this is not all that we can look forward to: on Thursday, May 26th, we will meet a person who, on top of his many other impressive achievements, discovered Bridget Jones’s Diary!

Meet the two Special Guests of the Masters of Arts 2005 Festival final week:

Special Guest Nr 1: 

Some say he is “a design guru, critic and a business provocateur.” Others call him “a design luminary”. He is definitively a distinguished thinker and visionary, who has, says the Wall Street Journal, “established a global reputation as a cutting edge design expert”. His name is John Thackara - and he is coming to Helsinki!

Thackara’s visit is all the more exciting now that the discussion around his recent book In the Bubble. Designing in a Complex World goes active in design circles. In his book, Thackara asks some basic questions concerning technology and its meaning in today´s world. Thackara wants to prick the bubble of technology and take the discussion of the downsides of the technology centered and dominated world from the green activist margins to the mainstream. Here´s the Thackara Law 2, for your inspiration:

“The more gadgets you cram into a simple product, the harder it will be to impress people, let alone to get them to pay a heap of money for it”.

Meet John Thackara at the Future Communities and Digital Media Seminar, on Wednesday May 25th at 2 p.m - with Ulrika Karlsson, Tobi Schneidler, Pekka Himanen and Alex Nieminen. 

Free entrance to the lectures and seminars, attendance requires advance registration.

Special Guest Nr 2:

Charles Leadbeater is - undoubtedly - The Name in today’s business management.  An idea generator, he is also a strategist and adviser to leading European companies.  He is reportedly Tony Blair's favourite corporate thinker.

Leadbeater writes regularly for the Industry Standard Magazine, the Financial Times and The Guardian and has written a number of books including ‘Up The Down Escalator’ and ‘Why The Global Pessimists Are Wrong’. His latest book on The New Rules of Innovation is due to be published this year.

He is listed by GQ Magazine in October 2002 as one of the 30 Most Powerful Men in Britain and ranked by Accenture in 2003 as one of the top management thinkers in the world.

How impressive is this! Come to listen to Leadbeater, just before his latest book The New Rules of Innovation is published, in the Seminar Creativity, Innovation, Business on Thursday, 26.5. at 2 p.m. Interesting discussion is guaranteed by Raoul Grünstein, Pekka Viljakainen, Mika Pantzar, Krister Ahlström and Tanja Kotro.

Free entrance to the lectures and seminars, attendance requires advance registration.


Fashion, business and beautiful cities.

MoA this Week: What are the perfect cities made of? They say that beautiful environments make your brains bigger – so what is the recipe?

Come to the City as a Visual Entity –seminar on Monday starting at 2 p.m., discussing Elukka Eskelinen, Arnold Aronson, Ellen Harvey. On Tuesday, there will be more beautiful things ahead: it is time to discuss the ethics of fashion. Is there such a thing? At least Paola Suhonen, the woman behind the Ivana Helsinki concept thinks there is. She insists on having her production made in Finland instead of far-eastern sweatshops. Is she just an idealist or can ethical be commercially successful?

On Wednesday there is more fashion in the agenda: the Wonderful is Beautiful –fashion show will definitively get you to the spring mood. Which hopefully lasts the whole week, at least until the Business seminar on Thursday, where some of the secrets of successful businesses are revealed.

And every day something special will happen at the Final degree exhibition, in the magical hall of the Media Centre Lume.

Here´s the program for the week:

16.5. Monday

14.00 Seminar: City as a Visual Entity
18.00 The final degree show section Worlds on takes you to an adventure!

17.5. Tuesday

11.00 Seminar: Fashion, Design and Ethics
18.00 In the final degree show, it is time to walk towards the sunset with the Times-group.

18.5. Wednesday

19.00 and 21.00 Wonderful is beautiful fashion show. Tickets 6/10 e, available
from Beamhill, Design Forum Finland, TaiK/ Kipsari and at the entrance.

19.5. Thursday

14.00 Seminar: Business – only for the brave ones?
The Glam & Glory Exhibition opens at Arabia centre.


The Friday on 13 of May is a lucky day at Arabianranta.

At 11:00 a.m. onwards it`s time to relax and indulge in the art of cinema.

With Peter von Bagh, the number one expert of both Finnish and international film industry, chairing the event, the audience has a chance to get to know the latest about Kaurismäki, accompanied by French film director Jean-Pierre Gorin - the one who introduced Aki Kaurismäki to the international film connoisseurs. The day will smoothly set with Gorin´s film Poto and Cabengo.


Design Forces on Thursday May 12th at 2.00 p.m. – he will be there, too!

Come and see the superstars and anonymous - but not invisible - design professionals revealing, where they find the attitude and enthusiasm to realize their visions.

Fredrik Magnusson is the Managing Director of Design office Propeller, one of Scandinavia’s top independent design office. He is not the only one present at the Thursday’s seminar! Moderated by Ms Katja Lindroos, you will meet, among others, the Campana brothers, the Snowcrash-case, Fredrik Magnusson, Christopher Mount and Jeremiah Tesolin.

This not-to-be-missed event will be jazzed up further by cocktails, served by the seminar host Iittala.


Mark Goulthorpe is here!

MoA 2005 Festival is thrilled to welcome Mark Goulthorpe, the keynote speaker at the seminar The City. The Architecture. The Future? to his first ever visit to Nordic Countries!

At the seminar The City. The Architecture. The future? On Wednesday May 11th, Mark Goulthorpe, Bjarke Ingels, Mark Isitt, Hannu I. Miettinen and Jarmo Suominen discuss the challenges that the modern times impose on the practice of architecture. The society is changing fast – can architecture keep up with the pace of the modern world? What is the role that globalization and market forces leave to the architects?

Mark Goulthorpe is an architect whose innovative design work has established his practice, dECOi Architects, at the forefront of contemporary architectural praxis. His research work into computer-aided design is widely respected in the field, and is nourished by his appointment at MIT, bridging between Architecture and the Media Lab. dECOi/MIT continually looks to evolving new design/fabrication potentials afforded by advances in computation, and the prescience of their research is underlined by a series of international accolades, publications and lectures.

Architect Bjarke Ingels is a co-founder of the PLOT and a man that many credit for the dynamic appearance of today´s Copenhagen. He has been rewarded with various prizes and has worked for OMA and other architecture studios.

Mark Isitt is editor-in-chief of the design magazine Forum, the leading Swedish trade journal on design, architecture and interior for thirty years.

Hannu I. Miettinen is a radical urban architect and the CEO of the largest construction company in Finland. He is the man behind the Finnish Science Centre Heureka.

Architect Jarmo Suominen works presently as a professor at the University of Art and Design Helsinki. He has run his own practice since 1997 and has taught in several institutions worldwide.

The day brightens up with Vibeke Mogensen´s highly visual lecture of the Language of Light at 10 a.m. Mogensen, an architect and a sought-after lecturer worldwide, approaches light from different perspectives, from the functional and emotional point of view. She provides the listeners with a brief introduction to the toolbox available when working with light and an understanding of how humans perceive light and spaces. Even more so, you will get inspiration as to how to design good lighting by showing a variety of applications, as well as discussing different cultural ways of illuminating.

Wednesday, 11.5.
At 10:00 Vibege Mogensen: The Language of Light.
At 14:00 Seminar The City. The Architecture. The Future.

All events at the Media Centre Lume, University of Art and Design Helsinki.
Address: Hämeentie 135 C, 00560 Helsinki.
Free entrance to the lectures and seminars, please sign up beforehand from here.


Jump on board!

The pink festival tram operates from 9 th until 27 th of May.

During the Master of Arts 2005 festival you can get to University of Art and Design Helsinki from the city centre with the pink festival tram. The tram operates on the line 6, every day from 9 a.m. till 9 p.m. The final stops of the line 6 are in Hietalahti and Arabia.

The festival tram project is supported by HKL, Clear Channel, Helsinki Virtual Village and JCDecaux.
Thank you!


The longest catwalk in Finland leads to the graduate show

Masters of Arts 2005, the juried exhibition of the diploma works of the University of Art and Design Helsinki, features 70 fresh MA graduates. The exhibition opens at the Media Centre Lume on Tuesday, May 10 th.

The audience walks to the exhibition along the 77 metres long catwalk – the longest in Finland. The visitors can explore the final works from various perspectives, as the six exhibition sections will be approached from above, along a bridge built especially for the exhibition purposes.

The variety of the final works is stunning. There will be new innovative thoughts, concepts and experiments from University’s all fields of studies. Presented are cinema as well as glass art, fashion photo styling as well as new media.


The Campana brothers starring the Commandoes of Design-day, May 12

In addition to the graduation exhibition, the Master of Arts 2005 festival presents a series of seminars, including speakers from architecture, cinema, design and media. The topics cover a wide field, ranging over the future of architecture, environmental art, cinema, creative business entrepreneurship, fashion and new media. At the 12 th of May, the day dedicated to the commandoes of design, the hottest names of today´s design, Fernando and Humberto Campana will hit the arena.

The design concept of the Campana brothers gets its inspiration from the Brazilian city life and carnival culture. The brothers combine waste material, found objects, junk, metal cable wires, pieces of cloth and new technique. In their furniture design, the rich tradition of Brazilian craft and poor man’s material get shaped into decadent affluence, resulting in vivid, original and surprising design, good enough for the Italian top design companies, such as Edra, Cappellini and Alessi.

The Commandoes of Design –day will be reinforced by Timo Salli, Ilkka Suppanen, Ilkka Terho and Teppo Asikainen, the designer quartet behind the so called Snowcrash, a phenomenon that renewed Finnish design in the 90´s, not to mention the Swedish Fredrick Magnusson, the founder of the design office Propeller, and the new international New Dining Luxury –group from the MA programme of in Applied Art and Design. The editor-in-chief of the Forum magazine Mark Isitt will chair the day’s discussions and professor Christopher Mount, the ex-design curator at MOMA and editor-in-chief of the ID-journal, is also invited.

The Commandoes of Design –day is supported by Iittala.


The look of the festival is painted with pink

“Master of Arts 2005 festival should be visible from the moon like the Great Wall of China. This is why its image will be painted with a big paint brush, with wide strokes”, says Arja Karhumaa, who, together with Anne-Mari Ahonen and Daniel Bembibre, is responsible for the look of the festival.

Messages are pushed through the asphalt pavements and the walls of the buildings in Arabianranta, telling of the creativity that the area oozes. The tram nr 6, dressed in funky, pink look, transports the festival folks to the scene. For three weeks, Arabianranta is a magnet that draws people no matter what.

The appearance of the festival announces that design is not just about clean-cut, cool white objects but a story, involving lots of work, painful moments as well as instants of revelations. This is visible in the festival image as roughness, unfinished touch and small sprains.

There is a factory in the logo, puffing pink smoke. During the Master of Arts 2005 festival the building turns into a creativity pot that bubbles with colour, shape, ideas and chatter. The factory also tells about sweaty toiling, the clutter caused by physical work. A person is not a creativity machine – by joining their forces, the University of Art and Design people produce ideas as if from an assembly line.


Presenting the creativity of the University of Art and Design Helsinki

The Masters of Arts 2005 –festival, built around the extensive diploma work exhibition of the new graduates - will set Arabianranta district ablaze with activity this coming May - three weeks of colours, forms, innovations, interesting people and joyful chatter.

Media Centre Lume will host seminars, featuring Finnish and international top speakers, film screenings, fashion shows, discussions, parties and clubs.