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A word from the Curator Tomas Ivan Träskman

“The six themes – Lives, Times, Worlds, Colors, Images and Wires – were chosen for the festival, not to bridge but to create a lot of Joyful Encounters between everything – people, objects, and ideas – crashing and colliding like engines devising their own tracks. The themes all refer to magazine titles reflecting the impact that journalism has always had on culture industry. The themes do not relate only to the work but also and especially to the visitor. Like minded people come together under a theme because of their shared interest in a particular endeavor, activity, or pursuit. Swiftian Curating, you might call it, as it is, like Gullivers Travels, a set of experiments in changing directions – all the time, as a way of life.”

Tomas Ivan Träskman, born 1970, is an art historian, working at the crossroads of art, media, and education. He has, in addition to numerous writings on art and criticism, directed and produced TV programmes, documentaries, short films and animations. Currently he is working as a senior lecturer in Arts Managment at Sydväst Polytechnic and he also teaches at Valand School of Fine Arts, Gothenburg.